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Thank You for visiting our site today. We have been servicing the Chicago land market for 16 years and continue to educate our customers on the reasons why promotional products are so important.

5 facts you should know about Promotional Products.

1) Name Recognition- This is one of the most inexpensive ways to advertise and the most effective. As soon as your promo product leaves your hand you can expect it to be carried to other places free of charge!

2) Depicts Quality- If your customer loves the quality of your promo item they will be triggered to buy from you the same quality of service or products that you have.

3) Shows Gratitude- It is a way of thanking your customer for their business. People love to be appreciated!

4) Advertising- It is an ideal form of advertising that fits everyones budget!

5) Remembrance- Try to choose an item that has long lasting benefits to the end user. Something that they can use in their everyday lifestyle.


Please feel free to call us for suggestions for marketing and advertising. You give us a budget and we will make it work!


Anne McClary Galovich

Armell Promotions